Our Clients

Our clients all have one thing in common: They prefer to turn to seasoned and independent financial advisors rather than retail or private banks to manage their investment affairs.

This is because they recognize and appreciate the value that we provide — in terms of advice, relationship and offering.

The majority of our clients are high-net worth expatriates, overseas nationals permanently domiciled in Asia, local businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Of course, we also have clients who are on the fast track to affluence. They are typically individuals with strong earning power who wish to set aside and build their wealth over the next 10 to 15 years. Some enjoy generous compensation on a recurring basis — like pilots and senior corporate executives. Others are professionals — such as solicitors, barristers and accountants — who receive large draw-downs from their practices, as well as derivatives traders and investment bankers who earn annual bonuses and wish to make sizeable lump-sum investments.

Increasingly, we also serve many Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese visiting Hong Kong who are looking for innovative offshore investment opportunities not typically available through local banks.

If you are looking for the right financial partner, turn to us — Mason LaRoche.