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Our mission is clear: to provide our clients with appropriate, unbiased advice on how to achieve their financial goals and then introduce them to the most appropriate third-party product providers to make those goals a reality.

The Financial Plan

We start out by getting to know and understand our clients — i.e., their current financial situation, their risk/return profile and their long-term aspirations and expectations. To do so, we use a structured approach that Mason Laroche has developed and refined over its many years in business. We also help our clients identify what aspects of their financial profile need attention and how to prioritize addressing them. Then, we help them establish a financial plan that will — in the short and over the longer term — help them attain their objectives. More than just a check-list of activities, it also serves as an important benchmark for performance review purposes.

Once we have a plan in place, we help our clients begin the process of steering, structuring and investing their wealth to align with their stated priorities and objectives. To do so, we turn to our trusted business partners whose breadth of service and product offering is only matched by the complexity of our clients' needs.

Let us examine the types of services we provide in greater detail.

Portfolio Structuring

The vast majority of our clients turn to us for assistance in optimally structuring their investment portfolios to make certain that the level of risk they are assuming is commensurate with their return expectations. Often, clients find out that they may be shouldering too much risk in the short term and that rebalancing their portfolio into various asset classes can not only earn them the long term returns they require, but a better night's sleep over time.

Inversely, many clients come to us disappointed with the returns they have been making elsewhere and wish to explore alternative asset classes and investment strategies to complement — and enhance the yield over — their traditional investments.

Whatever a particular client's need, investing is a discpline that requires professionalism and internal controls that safeguard our clients' interests. Our senior management team — who are all CIB qualified to provide professional investment advice — regularly review and sign off on all financial plans. To date, we have advised clients on nearly USD200 million of assets under management (as at 4Q2007).

Asset Classes

When advising clients on investments, we (along with our financial partners) need to consider the appropriate types of asset classes for them to invest in. Everybody has different preferences —┬áby geography, industry sector, currency, etc. — so we always take these into account when giving recommendations.

Our final advisory role in this exercise involves the choice of asset manager.

Lump Sum Investing / Savings Plans

When it comes to investing, clients generally add funds to existing portfolios or they create new ones for specific investment purposes. They do so either on a lump sum or a periodic basis — often called a "savings plan".

Lump sum investing is very common in Asia as many clients earn tidy sums of money through capital gains or bonuses from their employers. We help clients place these lump sums into all imaginable asset classes, held either in discretionary accounts managed by licenced asset management companies or advisory accounts.

Savings plans, on the other hand, provide a means for clients to allocate a set amount of money every month into a pre-determined, structured account. This form of investing is often attractive to clients who wish to dollar-cost-average their way into an asset class irrespective of market direction and movements.

Estate Planning

An important — but often avoided — aspect of anyone's financial well being is their estate plan. At Mason LaRoche, we help our clients address those difficult "What if?" questions in the context of a will and adequate life insurance cover.

Other Services

Mortgages – For the purchase of primary or investment properties in Hong Kong, across Asia, in Europe and elsewhere.

Offshore Bank Accounts – For estate structuring purposes, real estate investment servicing or educational expenses.

Offshore Companies – For tax structuring, estate planning and new business opportunities.

Medical Plans – For individuals and companies.

Fine Wine Investments – For those who enjoy profiting from the liquid asset class!

If you are looking for the right financial partner, turn to us — Mason LaRoche.

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